Nathan Cheek


Lunar Flashlight Propulsion System - Led the controller development team as we designed and built the propulsion system for a moon-bound CubeSat

HyTech Racing 2019/2020 - Advised the team as they worked to improve the current vehicle through closed-loop engineering processes.


HyTech Racing 2018/2019 - (Team President) Designed and built a new vehicle iteration, winning Formula Hybrid for the second year in a row with improved results.

Optimized Raspberry Pi CAN Bus Shield - Updates to my original Raspberry Pi shield that should make it appeal more to a wider audience of hobbyists and engineers.


HyTech Racing 2017/2018 - (Team President) Built an electric racecar, [winning Formula Hybrid]( and placing 6th at Formula SAE Electric.

Updated Raspberry Pi CAN Bus Shield - Updated a Raspberry Pi shield with better connectivity.

Expandable LED Matrix - Daisy chainable boards each with a 5x5 matrix of individually controllable RGB LEDs.

Internet-controllable RGB LED controller - Custom PCB design for an Internet-connected light controller.


HyTech Racing 2016/2017 - (Electrical Systems Team Lead) Our team built a new fully electric racecar to compete at Formula Hybrid in Loudon, NH and Formula SAE Electric in Lincoln, NE.

Raspberry Pi CAN Bus Shield - I built a small Raspberry Pi Zero shield providing the computer with CAN Bus support.


HyTech Racing 2015/2016 - (Electrical Systems Team Lead) Our team built a fully electric racecar to compete at Formula Hybrid in Loudon, NH and Formula SAE Electric in Lincoln, NE.

LED Matrix - A 10x10 matrix of individually addressable color-changing LEDs.


Arduino RGB controller - Sets the color of an RGB LED strip using an Arduino. This makes it possible to control the lighting from a computer and create custom light shows.

Web Drone - Control a multicopter over the Internet (or any network). I have a flying drone built, but I am still in the early stages of software development. It uses Socket.IO for real-time communication with an Android on the aircraft.

HyTech Racing 2014/2015 - (Programming Team Member) Our team built a fully electric racecar to compete at Formula Hybrid in Loudon, NH.

Google Drive folder upload script - Uses github/prasmussen/gdrive to recursively upload folders.

GA Tech daily dashboard - Webpage that shows upcoming assignments, daily class schedule, Buzzcard balance, and more!

RETINA NEWS - Worked on the front-end design of GT Big Data Club’s news aggregation project - (screenshot1, screenshot2, screenshot3).


Raspberry Pi audio box - Box that plays audio file when button is pressed, powered by Raspberry Pi.

Dropbox Forum Extender Plus (contributor) - Adds functionality such as private messaging to the Dropbox Forums.

Cryptocoin Status - Scripts that tell you the value of your cryptocoin (such as Bitcoin).

Twitter Archive Extra - Python scripts that help you save stuff that the Twitter Archive tool does not.

Let’s Discuss - Simple discussion website with a few configurable settings such as a discussion room password and post length. I built this after seeing a need for a better virtual classroom discussion format - (screenshot).


IFTTT Remote Control - Run preset commands on a linux computer via SMS.