Nathan Cheek

I’m a Computer Science undergrad student at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying the Information Internetworks and Devices threads. At GA Tech I am a co-op student working at the Georgia Tech Research Institute – Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory.

I am passionate about software and hardware development. Many of my personal software projects can be found on Github, as well as my contributions towards group projects. I also have experience using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Teensy hardware as resources in various electronics projects.

In my free time, I enjoy learning about Linux and computer networks, as well as improving my programming abilities. I build rockets, and I am also a Dropbox Forum Moderator.

I spend a lot of my time building formula-style fully electric racecars at HyTech Racing. The electrical team that I lead is responsible for designing and implementing the vehicle's controls systems as well as engineering a safe and powerful high voltage tractive system. Our team placed in both 2015 and 2016 at Formula Hybrid. This year we hope to return to Formula Hybrid, FSAE Electric, and compete for the first time at Formula North. Currently we are designing a completely new vehicle controls system with updated hardware. It features a much more modular system layout to better integrate with the other systems on the car. We are also designing a completely new 300V tractive system with LiFePo4 pouch cells. Finally, our programming team is busy developing an improved remote telemetry system to give us real-time access to vehicle performance information during testing and competition.